Sonja Blackburn

Senior Account Executive, Construction & Real Estate

Fraser Valley
Real Estate

I’m Sonja Blackburn, an Account Executive at Axis Insurance, where I’ve dedicated the last ten years to honing my expertise in the insurance industry. With 23 years insurance industry experience I now focus my time on clients in construction, contractors, realty, and professional lines, striding to ensure my clients are informed and well-protected.

Throughout my time in the industry, I have attained CAIB and RIBO designations. I also hold the role of Director at the Vancouver Executives Association.

Outside of work, I enjoy spending time with my family, enjoying moments with my children and dogs. I am trilingual Spanish, English, and Finnish allowing me to connect with a broader spectrum of clients and colleagues. This blend of personal passions and professional dedication reflects Axis Insurance’s ethos of embracing risk as a pathway to success. My approach to life and work seamlessly integrates the principle that facing challenges head-on can unlock unparalleled growth and achievements, allowing clients to navigate risks with confidence and foresight.

Sonja ‘s Team