Roland Waldmeier

National Senior Vice President, Construction & Real Estate

Real Estate

I’m Roland Waldmeier, National Senior Vice President of Construction, Contracting, and Real Estate at Axis Insurance, having joined in February 2023. With a rich 32-year tenure in the insurance industry, my expertise spans a broad spectrum including legal aspects, policy wording, claims handling, placement strategies, client advisory, construction placements, and marine insurance. My experience is deeply rooted in both the European Union and Canadian markets, reflecting a versatile and comprehensive understanding of global insurance landscapes.

One of my key professional milestones for the Canadian market has been developing new capacity for key sectors such as wood frame construction, forestry, and greenhouses. This achievement not only demonstrates my commitment to innovation and market expansion but also reflects my ability to anticipate and meet the evolving needs of our clients. At Axis, my focus is on leveraging this expertise to enhance our service offerings and client advisories, ensuring that our solutions are at the forefront of industry standards and expectations.

Outside of the professional sphere, my interests are as varied as my expertise. I have a profound appreciation for history, physics, and science in general, which fuels my curiosity and quest for knowledge. Travel, food, and nature are my gateways to experiencing the world’s diversity.

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